- Our Tech Stack

Here, you'll find details of some of our unique tech stack

Gen AI and LLM

Our team has undertaken an extensive exploration of generative AI capabilities through comprehensive trials with large language models. Since gaining early access to GPT-4 in March 2023, we have assessed various technological frameworks, from analysing retrieval mechanisms to selecting programming languages. This strategic evaluation focused on identifying configurations that optimally meet enterprise clients' needs.

Our main evaluation criteria:

  • security and privacy to ensure that data is correct and only available to authorised users
  • latency for improving user experience
  • flexibility in how data is processed, generated and returned

We utilise a custom cloud runtime to provide a secure, low-latency service enabling significant enhancements to standard retrieval-augmented workflows.

This is a rapidly advancing field, and we are pleased to have already developed a strategic plan to sustain innovation in this area, with a focus on client benefits.

Bespoke Reports

Within Rendr we offer Aladdin clients the ability to produce a wide array of reports, leveraging any of their Aladdin endpoints.

Moreover, by integrating custom endpoints and incorporating non-Aladdin data, we enable capabilities that are not typically available in standard enterprise interactive tools, and facilitate the curation and standardisation of data.

Our application of edge runtimes ensures that we deliver these services with minimal latency


  • Bespoke reports
  • Edge Runtimes

Our tech values - Delivering via client centric technologies

We believe in offering clients the innovations of serverless in a controlled and secure way. We believe infrastructure and technology choices should serve to empower clients, enhancing their capabilities and control.

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